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About Us » Features and Abilities

Professional team

T-Max has fully trained personnel capable to repair and refurbish the majority of industrial and electronic products.

High Quality Test Equipment for Precise Fault Diagnostics

To detect the damaged components within a PCB, we use conventional test equipment like Multimeters, Logic Analyzers, and Oscilloscopes, alongside with advanced Automate Test Equipment (ATE) that includes ICT Equipment, Simulators, Function Generators, Calibrators.

Modern and Complex Tools

- Each unit under treatment is handled carefully with the aid of fine and precise tools; Cleaning, assembling and disassembling operations are often meticulous operations that require dedicated tools.

- High standard extraction / insertion equipment (soldering / desoldering) is used for component replacement of any type – Through Hole or Surface Mounted as well;

- High accurate viewing devices such as cameras and microscopes help us to check and recondition soldering faults.

Low cost / efficiency:

T-Max provides repair services, down to component level, system testing, calibration, maintenance and routine servicing using competitive pricing and efficiency.

Components Stock

T-Max has its own components stock that is continuously growing. Many types of devices are of "in-stock" availability, and while necessary, large stocks from everywhere in the world will supply us almost all kind of device in just days.

Electronic Engineering
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